Lavendon Pavilion Pre School
Lavendon Pavilion Pre School

Term Dates 2017-18


Autumn Term 2017

Monday 4th September to Friday 20th October

Tuesday 31st October Friday 15th December

Spring Term 2018

Wednesday 3rd January to Friday 9th February

Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd March

Summer Term 2018

Monday 9th April to Friday 25th May

Tuesday 5th June to Friday 20th July



Term Dates for 2018-19


Autumn Term 2018

Tuesday 4th September to Thursday 25th  October

Monday 5th November to Friday 21st December

Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January to Friday 15th February

Tuesday 26th February to Friday 5th April

Summer Term 2019

Monday 23rd April to Friday 24th May

Monday 3rd June to Friday 19th July

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